The main points of the unique business structure of Eekos are outlined below;

The purpose of Eekos is to meet the needs of the employees and associates within a framework of sustainable and ecological businesses.

The purpose of the company is not to make a profit; this is just one of the many requirements.

Our ethos and our work are very appropriate for today’s business and personal world and we believe the only real solution to the many problems facing the world.

Eekos limited is the central company set up as a limited liability private company in UK. It can have unlimited shares and shareholders can be from anywhere in the world.

“Agencies” are to be set up around the world. These are to be owned by Eekos limited to expand our membership and promote sustainable living at a local level. They are autonomously run by local members who also participate in company wide policy making.

“Projects” are objective focussed enterprises that are linked to Eekos in a number of possible ways. They can utilise the Eekos network and can be set up for profit or charity. They explain why we do things and enable the range of services Eekos is involved in.

Members have an equal vote about control and ownership of Eekos limited and thus an equal vote in all the agencies and shares of enterprises owned by Eekos.

It has a flat hierarchy of agencies linked together to a core company for administration and legal requirements.

Eekos limited is this central UK company which all members share ownership. It is also a central small administration core to support agencies and enterprises.

Eekos is an expanding network of autonomously run agencies and enterprises. Overall policy is made through elected representatives of agencies and enterprises.

Eekos limited in the UK is the one dimple in the hierarchy, but this is the necessary for legal reasons and also to tie all the agencies and enterprises together into equal ownership.
Eekos limited also acts in an advice and investment role to agencies and enterprises.

Eekos is owned equally by its members who have a single share each. Each agency is fully owned by Eekos so that all members then participate in ownership of all Eekos and its agencies. This will ensure that all of us are working together to advance the business.

There are no bosses in Eekos. All members are equal.

“Agencies” and “Projects” have elected chairpersons to help decision making processes if needed.
Businesses have legally required directors and secretaries which are elected.

Managers can be elected to run sections but this is just another task to do and does not give authority of that person over others.
All members of Eekos have a say in both everyday running of the company as well as overall policy. Participation is not required, just freely available.

We encourage common sense action first on most tasks. The actions are then defended at regular meetings. Obviously important actions will require consensus. Common sense and judgement is key.
Mistakes are supported. This shows the members are stretching their abilities and creativity.

Act first and apologise later if needed.

Eekos encourages consensus decision making with a touch of majority vote and mentoring assistance from elders and other experienced persons.

We do not however encourage stagnation while waiting on consensus opinions.

Members should make decisions based on their knowledge, experience, common sense and understanding of other members requirements and be able to justify these decisions at regular meetings.

Membership of Eekos is open to all regardless of age, race, gender, political persuasion. We believe all persons can fit into the ethos of sustainable living and democratic business.

The agencies aim to have sustainability business and demonstration centres to promote sustainable living and provide products and services to the region and with respect for the local culture.

Each of these agencies is run autonomously with periodic consensus policy making with the other agencies.

We have isolated business “tasks” rather than job positions. This is much more direct and effective at getting main administrative requirements done as well as normal jobs so members can concentrate on dealing with customers and creative business.

Members can pick one or two related tasks or a wide range for diversity and interest. The “tasks” method allows much more flexibility for members in job variety and also work load as their won persons needs change.

Members can pick their own job labels as they see fit.

Eekos has a very flexible working environment and allows persons to join in a number of methods that suit their personal circumstances. Eekos members are joined together by a members area in the website, Eekos allows members to set up office anywhere in the world.

Meetings can be organised at member’s houses, coffee shops, client sites, eco resorts or just about anywhere that fits the job at hand. Working at a Greek Island beach cafe with our feet in the water is the type of behaviour we encourage!

Members can be full time, part time, casual, contracted, self employed, commission based etc. This gives great flexibility to the members and also flexibility for Eekos to adapt to varying business conditions.

Eekos has been set up for maximum member flexibility through their working life.

Members can work for other persons or companies, work part time, have their own business, change workload according to family needs, do overseas work for a while and then move back to home etc etc.

Flexibility is designed into the system as long as the members communicate their needs to the surrounding team and work to ease transition between their different work situations.

The flexibility in Eekos and the use of “projects” enables Eekos members to pursue varying business, environmental and ethical endeavours. Members can also travel to participate in agency and enterprise projects in other countries around the world.

We operate right up to the edge of societies boundaries, so we encourage creativity, art and lateral thinking.

Individuals and groups within Eekos can pursue their own projects through “projects” which are supported and co-owned by Eekos and sponsored by agencies or Eekos limited with a person acting as mentor to help establish and run the enterprise.

Members are responsible for their own training. Reimbursement for training and education costs is assured as long as it is sensible and the education will benefit Eekos in the long run.

The finances of Eekos are open to all members. Monthly profit and loss and balance sheet reports are open to all as well as all members’ income from Eekos being open. This gives greater honesty to the system and ensures that members can justify their income at meetings. It also focuses member’s attentions to the need to be profitable.

Eekos aims to establish long term two way beneficial relationships with its customers.
Eekos is committed to open finances and disclosure with its customers.
Eekos members all take responsibility for customer satisfaction.
Customers are encouraged to experiment with our support and assistance.

Eekos is also meant to be fun.
The work in many cases is exciting, interesting and challenging and because we are doing what we enjoy, it also becomes a lot of fun and very satisfying.
When it starts to get too serious it is time to re-evaluate if it going in the correct direction.