We had been investigating other innovative and socially responsible ways of operating a business for some time before we came up with the hybrid structure that eekos now has.

Here are just some of the books and organisations that have inspired us on our adventure to form eekos and still inspire us to run and grow the company.

We hope that they may assist you in your endeavours to humanise the workplace.

Don Yates
We came across Don’s website and philosophy site when we found that his links page contained many of the same links we were investigating.
Don has now been patiently and wisely advising us as we have progressed to this date.

Some of the more important points he has brought to us is the use of “tasks” rather than job positions, the various forms of democratic decision making and many other fine points that have helped guide us.

Best to see information on Don at his website at

Ricardo Semler
Maverick – Ricardo Semler, Arrow Books, 1994
The story of Ricardo Semler and his extraordinary company “Semco”. Based in Brazil they have set new standards in innovative business practice: staff set their own wages, production levels, purchases and all have access to the financial books. It may sound incredible, but the company has grown spectacularly, staff are happy, production is high and staff turnover very small.

St Lukes
Open Minds – Andy Law, Orion Business Paperbacks, 1999 The truly inspiring story of the advertising company “St Lukes” in London which is co-owned equally by its staff of over 90. Working with a democratic system and open work environment, St Lukes has proved their innovative approach to business to be highly successful, after dramatically increasing financial turnover.

Gore Company
The Gore company was shown to us by EO (above) information page. A progressive company that has the flat hierarchy that we are aiming for. A democratic and creative workplace.

In Search of Excellence
In Search of Excellence. Lessons from America’s Best-run Companies – Tom Peters and Robert H. Waterman JR, HarperCollins Business, 1995 The management classic “In Search of Excellence” explains how the most successful US companies invested heavily in the workforce believing that human capital was crucial to business success.

Edward DeBono
Much of his work is around using the mind more fully and in collaboration with other persons, and his “6 Thinking Hats” for collaborative work is very inspirational.

The large (10’s of thousands of members) Mandragon Cooperative in spain is an amazing company owned by its members with large infrastructure demonstrating that business does not have to be in the form of traditional businesses.

If you have not heard of Permaculture, you must look it up. A huge, worldwide (and relatively low key) movement that is literally saving the world. Sustainable design at its best.

These are just some of the influences for the formation of Eekos.