Eekos Gambia

Following consultancy work we did with Footsteps Eco-lodge in Gambia, we formed a bond with Gambia, its fantastic scenery and wildlife and the friendly people. We realised it would be a great place to start our first overseas agency.

Consequently we are now building up eekos Gambia based in the village of Gunjur close to the coast in southern Gambia. We are focussing on Eco houses and related services such as water supply and independent energy supplies in 2015/16 and then aim to expand to sustainable food production.

If you are planning to settle in Gambia or live there now, we can help you establish and maintain your property with a range of services for establishing and maintaining your property in The Gambia.

Our members are local and have extensive knowledge of local traditions and methods as well as being able to access skills through their friendship and family networks.

As well as this, we have the assistance of others internationally through the eekos cooperative network. This allows us to combine the best of local knowledges and skills with our background in more contemporary western building from the UK and Australia and other tropical areas of the world.

For more information, go direct to the Eekos Gambia website at