Updating Website

We have been updating the www.eekos.com main website after being down for a few days from hacking.

In order the prevent this in the future, we have an associate member join us.

Joe Cobain, who is an online security student and experience at WordPress is helping secure the system and the websites we have for Eekos.

Welcome aboard Joe!

We have also established “projects” as being one of the main components of Eekos. You can read more about projects on the new “projects page“.


Quotes out

Summer approaching the UK and it is appropriate that we are currently working on the design of a Natural Swimming pool / Wildlife Pond for a client.

These are fascinating pools where there is no chlorine or chemical treatment of any sort with the swimming area being surrounded by gravel planted with reeds and other water plants and the water percolated through the gravel and being treated naturally.

We are constructing over the next few months and will put up some pictures of the progress.

Meanwhile, down in Gambia, we have put in a few quotes for irrigation installation work and wait on the results of that. We are also working on our new website at www.eekosgambia.com to get the message out.


We’re back!

After a bit of a shaky start, we are back again. Winter in the air as we approach Christmas here in the UK and Eekos is starting with internet business. Keep tuned as we start up Eekos.Net to do websites and internet marketing for small business, social enterprises and cooperatives as well as a few projects for ourselves.
We are also going back over the Gambia agency website after we lost all the information when the hosting company ceased trading. Serves us right for not having backup like we tell others!

Welcome to Eekos Cooperative

Welcome to Eekos Cooperative! We will be keeping you posted to what is happening with Eekos in coming months, as well as blog updates, we will be keeping you up to date with a email newsletter.

Coming soon…