Join Eekos

Interested in a challenge? Want to be a part of the solution? Get a thrill from sustainable living? Bored with your present work?!

Well then, eekos may be for you!

We are a cooperative company that is setting up in areas around the world to conduct business focussed on sustainable living for the benefit of members.

We aim to create part time and full time jobs that are interesting, exciting and fit the flexible and adventurous nature of the new internet and travel oriented lifestyle we have available to us.

If you are interested in joining us, then have a good read around this website and our agency websites and our “Joining Details” page.

Check out our latest “Projects” that you may be interested in and specific “Tasks” that could utilise your skills.

If you then have any questions,  or just want to have a chat, go to our contact page and get in touch!

We hope that you will “get” our idea of sustainable, free thinking work associations within a democratic structure and it will lead to a fruitful relationship, lots of fun and a bundle of new experiences as well as a job!