Joining Details

If you are interested in what we are doing at Eekos, there are a number of ways you can work with Eekos Ltd, its Agencies or Enterprises.

You can work either as an eekos “Associate”, a “Probationary member” or a “Full member”.

You can become an “Associate” if you wish to work with Eekos regularly, but not become a member. You become an “Associate” by being sponsored by a member.

“Associates” have access to information and online resources and communities relevant to their work with Eekos but do not have the full ownership and voting rights of a member.

Probationary member
If after being associated with Eekos, you would like to become a member, you firstly need to be a “probationary member”.
A “probationary member” is sponsored by an existing member and then works for Eekos or one of its agencies or enterprises for 6 months (full time, part time or casual) before applying for full membership.

Full Member
Once you have worked the 6 month probationary members time, you apply to be a full member.
This simply means we contact all existing members with your application details and a bit about you and then If there are no objections by existing members, you are registered as a member and have full ownership and voting rights of a member.

Of course, you can also work for Eekos or ones of its Agencies or Enterprises as a consultant, or provide subcontract work without sponsorship as an associate.