Projects are the core of how we do things at Eekos.

A project is an objective that members have and want to build a business around. Usually sustainable in nature, projects put the focus on why we want to do stuff followed by the how.

Once the objective for the project is defined, the rest of the work involves working our how to achieve it, what resources we need, (be it money, information or people) and then getting on with the work of doing it.

An example of a Project is our website.
Its objective is – “Provide an up to date website to supply links to information on a range of sustainable practices”.
We have set a number of tasks for the project and aim to pay the members through selective advertising and sponsorship deals..

Projects can be initiated by members and be fully owned by eekos, or an idea from others and eekos be a part owner. They need a  sponsor agency and sponsor person who assists advising the project as it grows.

They can be non profit projects that assist others and the environment, or can be very profit oriented to increase income to eekos and the members of the enterprise.

Projects from the outset involve defining the”Tasks” needed to run the business and who will do each task.

As Eekos grows, our number and diversity of Projects grows and the task range grows. Members can then pick and choose tasks that fit their skills and passion.

You can see our current list of projects in our projects list page.