Projects List

You can have a look at our current projects list here.

If you are interested in helping in any way, check out the project and contact the project sponsor for a chat.

Projects set up under Eekos Ltd are not tied to any Agency and usually more general in nature being.

Eekos Cooperative Support Group
This is an important, ongoing project to form the core support group for the members.
Objective – Maintain a support group for all members, Agencies and Projects. The support group will deal with administration and financial tasks, assist to form and maintain Agencies, maintain website and social media sites, maintain communication systems and assist members in all areas where needed..
Details information site
Objective  – “Provide an up to date website to supply links to information on a range of sustainable practices”.


There is strong interest in sustainable practices to help develop Gambia in a self sufficient way. We are developing a number of projects to help that process.

Sustainable houses in Gambia
Objective – Provide information and services to improve the sustainability or existing and future houses in The Gambia..

Mandinka language course
Objective – Assist English speaking members and general public to learn and speak the Mandinka language.