About us

Eekos is the organisation that we wished we could find to work for, but despite looking, never found.

So we had to do it ourselves.

Its origins go back 25 years to the time when we environmentalists were out to help the planet, not save it. The inspiration then was the beauty and complex simplicity of nature and the desire to live sustainable lives.

We found the tools and practices to live gently on the earth and warned that if we did not look after it, the earth would bite back.

And, as we all know now, it has started to do that.

But, it is not much good to say “I told you so” when it is the future of our children’s world that is at stake.

But with experience comes a small degree of wisdom and we know now that the original aims of sustainable living are more relevant than ever.

The pictures here tell a story of our early Australian experiences in the 80’s and 90’s of composting toilets, reed bed greywater systems, permaculture gardening and eco building.

But there was a lot more than that; searching for exotic fruits, discovering sustainable growing systems such as biodynamics, keyline ploughing system, Bradley bush regeneration, re-mineralisation, finding out about appropriate technology and then into alternative energy systems such as wind, solar and biomass.

And then discovering people based architecture of Murcott and Troppo for designing homes that really live in the environment.

And then of late, following the introduction of the internet and trying with our own website “World of composting toilets” – an obscure site that nevertheless had hundreds of thousands of visitors during its life.

Most important though, was meeting and talking to lots of people of similar thoughts in many local and far flung places.

This history comes along with eekos. It grounds eekos in years of experience and a trusted network of people who are all aiming to build a sustainable life and planet.

So with that behind us we say, tally-ho and onward for there is work to be done and fun to be had……..

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