Eekos Features

Eekos Ltd has a number of features which differentiate it from a normal business.

Each of these 7 features combine to give a company that is focussed on making real changes to the lives of the members, their families and communities, customers, and the surrounding world.

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1 – A Sustainable Ethos

Our ethos is – people care,      planet care

2 – Cooperative  ownership and management

Eekos is an equally co-owned company that abides by the International Cooperatives Alliance’s Values and Principles

3 – A Unique Structure

Eekos has a “flat” company structure with the UK base and multiple “Agencies” being set up around the world. All agencies are owned by Eekos and all its members, but run by local members.

4 – Aim Driven Services and Products

Specific member and Agency aims drive the work that Eekos members do.

These goals benefit members, community and environment.

5 – Task Based Work

The work we do is separated into a number of “tasks” that members can do for their own agency, other agencies or the core Eekos Ltd in the UK.

This defines responsibility, and gives members variety and flexible work to accommodate changing lives.

6 – Consensus decision making

The primary method of decision making in Eekos is consensus, a system which takes all members needs into account and not just a majority vote.

7 – A Representative system of Management

There is a board of directors, but they do not manage from the top, they are elected representatives of Agencies who take direction from the members.

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