Aim Driven Services

“Eekos Aims” are the “Why” of the work. 

Eekos Aims establish what we want to achieve to make the future better for our members, their communities and the world around us. 

We focus on the change we would like to see first, then look at ways to accomplish this including the people, resources, information and money we need to achieve the goals.

The primary Aims are those that benefit the members and there are 4 of them;

1 –  Financial sustainability for members

To help members to have long term, sustainable, above living wage as well as the opportunity to earn additional income through bonuses and Eekos organised investments.

2 – Secure, sustainable housing

Help members to have long term, secure tenure, sustainable,housing

3 – Sustainable community for members

Help members to build sustainable homes and communities around them.

4 – Long term sustainable wealth

Help members to build long term real financial and capital wealth for future stability for the duration of their lives.

Agencies then have Aims in the main area of life – Water,  Food, Shelter, Energy, Waste as well as other areas relevant to members.

The services we provide are based on fulfilling the Aims.

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